Saturday, December 24, 2005

content creation: make it easy!

i was in costa rica for a week recently. i'll have pictures soon, but i wanted to first share my thoughts on something that occurred to me while sitting in the airport waiting to leave.

the duty free store is a few meters away from me. a man starts to walk past the store, to my right. just as he walks past, the eric clapton song "layla" starts to play on my ipod. this man looks a bit down. his wife is next to him, she looks tired, looks like she just wants to get out of this country. he isn't the happiest camper either: maybe a bit o' the booze to cheer him up, hmm? anyway, he stops walking, turns towards the shop, thinks a bit, then goes in.

it was perfectly timed to the music. i wanted to film it, slap it with the music, put it on a usb card (or some cheap transport medium), and give it to him. that's where technology needs to go. easy realization of complicated ideas. turn my imagination into reality, for the general consumer.

Here's a pictorial rendition of the stage i set in words above:

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